Staging your House

You only have ONE CHANCE to make a FIRST IMPRESSION!

Minor visual changes make a  HUGE difference!



BEFORE                                                                                       AFTER  

The importance and value of preparing a house for the market can not be overstated. First and foremost, the must-have basics of a good presentation must be taken care of: clean, uncluttered, things organized and in their proper place.  There is a huge difference between seeing a huge, empty and cold room and one that looks nice, feels warm, is cheerful and invites you to linger and enjoy.  Just a few pieces of furniture and some well-placed inexpensive appointments will add warmth and will transform any room into a room that buyers can picture themselves enjoying once they live there. 

Yes, we want to help buyers imagine themselves living there. That is the main purpose of Staging!   


Clean, no clutter, great decor, just enough accouterments to make it warm and inviting but enough empty spaces to allow the buyers to imagine it with their own furniture and preferences.  We can show you how to make your home look terrific for the market. 

Remember,  BUYERS will find it easier to PAY MORE FOR SOMETHING THEY LIKE. Or it could make the difference between them making and offer or moving on. 

As part of listing your house We will review side by side with you every one of the primary rooms in your house to look for opportunities to enhance its visual appeal. Just as with other products,  "packaging" can make all the difference or take an already good experience into the realm of the impressive. In real estate, so it is with staging from a buyers point of view.

And... we don't just talk about staging suggestions; over time we have acquired and accumulated a nice collection of items that we use exclusively for staging our listings. Call  860-305-8967 or email me or contact me

Staging is so important nowadays that there are dozens of books on the subject, it is featured in TV shows and it is mentioned frequently in the press and publications.  

See some simple before and after examples