How to Choose a Realtor  

Top Ten Things to Look for in a Realtor

Top ten picks for maximizing your success with a Realtor®.

  1. Select a Realtor® That is a Full Time/Full Service Agent

    • ‘Full Service’ means that this person is fully dedicated to working in this profession and servicing his/her clients whenever they are in need.

    • They will be experienced with the many challenges of buying and selling and best prepared to resolve problems during negotiations, inspections as well as general home concerns that occur after purchase.

  2. Select a Realtor® That Has Passion, Enthusiasm and Dedication for Their Profession and Clients

    • A Realtor® with passion and dedication for their job will be the one that goes the extra mile to get you the best results.

  3. Select Someone Who Knows Your Market of Interest

    • Your Realtor’s knowledge is key and can save, even make, you money. Get someone that really knows your marketplace.

    • Select a Realtor® with a recent successful record behind them, preferably one with success in your neighborhood.

  4. Select a Realtor® Who is Creative and Can Devise Unique Problem Solving Strategies

    • Look for someone that can create offers to purchase a property with terms and conditions that excite a seller and work well for the buyer.

    • Look for someone that has good problem solving techniques. There are always conflicts, surprises and changes during an escrow that require calm, knowledge and experience to keep things going.

  5. Select an Agent That is Knowledgeable and up to Date with Those Technologies That Affect or Benefit the Industry

    • Select a professional that is savvy with the "new toys" and current technologies that enable a Realtor® to better perform. If one is not current with these advances, it is likely that they will be slower to obtain information and communicate it to a buyer or seller. This could cost the client in the end.

  6. Select a Realtor® That Has a Team Ready to Assist

    • It is hard to find a good handyman but an experienced Realtor® will have one they have worked with on many occasions that has proven themselves to be honest, reliable and affordable. They will also have inspectors to address nearly every homeowner’s concern.

    • Before remodeling, ask your Realtor® to recommend a good interior designer. Sometimes a consultation is all that one needs to save money and get great ideas.

  7. Select a Realtor® That Has an Assistant or Person with Whom You May Speak to Whenever the Realtor is Unavailable

    • Many Realtors have people that handle their clients while away however many clients feel uncomfortable speaking to someone unfamiliar with their transaction.

    • Select a Realtor® that has a permanent assistant, preferably with a license. This person will know the daily details pertaining to your home transaction and will most certainly know you.

  8. Select a Realtor® That is Respected and Liked by Other Realtors

    • When an agent is liked, other agents try to make a deal work because they enjoy working with people they trust and have good rapport with. This is a definite advantage to the client whether they are a buyer or seller.

  9. Ask To Speak To Some Of The Realtor’s Past And Present Clients And Ask To See Mls Reports Detailing Homes Sold In Your Area

    • If the agent sold a home, it should have their name on the MLS Agent Detail Report including the price at which the home sold. Be sure to check it out.

  10. Select Someone Whom You Trust and Feel Comfortable Having Assist You

    • It is imperative to select a Realtor® that understands you. One that you respect and feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and concerns with. There needs to be a level of trust or the client will not experience the full benefits of having an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor®.

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