Why Buyers Choose Us

Buying a Home is a complex process requiring multiple difficult decisions.  Make sure your Realtor® is a Dedicated, Full-Time Professional and a Top Local Expert. 

Your home is likely among the biggest purchases that you and your family will make. It involves many decisions beyond simply deciding which home you like. 

As top realtors in our markets, we will be your guides through the entire process, from viewing homes and seeking financing to making sure that the final contract is in your best interest.

You will have full access to ALL Homes listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and even listings not yet on the MLS through our relationships with other Connecticut real estate professionals. 

Each local real estate market has its own characteristics, trends and opportunities.  They may even vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. It is our job to stay current and to lead you to tthe opportunities while keeping you away from the traps. 

We will negotiate with sellers on your behalf so that the final contract includes your best terms and conditions as corresponding to market circumstances. Negotiations with sellers can be stressful: we will mitigate that stress

Before spending your hard-earned money you want to know everything possible about the property you are interested in. We will view every home you are considering together. As the process moves forward, we will make you aware of the options and resources available to you for inspections, financing and legal advice. 

As issues arise, our extensive and deep experience along with our wide network of professional contacts and experts often can provide additional information on short notice and "cut to the chase".

Real Estate contracts are full of complicated terms and clauses. Our experience and knowledge will be at your service to develop the confidence you need when signing documents. 

Let us represent you in your search for a new home and make sure that you have someone by your side to watch out for your interests. While nowadays you can see countless homes on the internet transitioning from viewing to actually buying your home is a much more serious action with much at stake. 

Call or email us.  We would like to help.