Homeowner Survival Kit: Tools for Advanced Home Repairs and Projects

These tools will let you do basic plumbing and wiring projects as well as most carpentry projects.

Pipe wrench (pair): Pipe wrenches work better in pairs because you often have to twist one piece of pipe while holding another one in place.

Adjustable pliers: Sometimes called channel locks, these pliers handle a variety of gripping and turning tasks including taking apart drains.

Multi tester (voltage tester): You should have this device if you are going to work on electrical circuit repairs.

Combination strippers: It cuts, it bends, it strips and it pinches; it’s a tool you’ll find indispensable for making up electrical boxes.

Circular saw: Unless you enjoy sawing by hand, a circular saw is something you cannot do without for cutting lumber. Make sure the blades are sharp.

Reciprocating saw: This power saw is especially good for demolition work because it cuts through nails. It also tackles a variety of other tasks.

Vise: A vise holds things perfectly in place while you work on them. It’s the best way to avoid the frustration of things slipping out of place.

Belt sander: This tool is great for quickly removing paint and other finishes. Belts with different grits give a variety of finishes from rough to smooth.

Allen wrench set: So many things, from furniture to faucets are put together with Allen screws that a wrench set is a must.

Pipe cutter: A heavy-duty pipe cutter can be used to cut a variety of pipe and tubing. Get one that meets your needs.