Homeowner Survival Kit: Tools for Intermediate Home Repairs and Projects

If you find repairs easy, then you are ready to start your own improvement projects. The following kit will help you accomplish basic projects around the home.

Cordless drill/screwdriver: Ease of use is the main reason to go cordless. A higher voltage model has more power and longer life between charges. Keyless chucks are a necessity.

Square: Cutting materials square is the first step in making sure projects turn out right. This tool is a must.

Level: From hanging pictures to building a deck, a level is essential. Projects that are level and plumb look professional. Consider getting two levels: a two-footer and a torpedo.

Flat bar or pry bar: Starting a project often means tearing something out. This is where a flat bar will help. Use the claws on either end for removing nails.

Diagonal cutters: These cutters are not just for cutting wire but a many other materials such as small nails and dowels. Jaws and cutting blades should meet evenly.

Adjustable wrench: Flexibility makes this tool a must for turning nuts, bolts and plumbing fittings. While a set of sockets and wrenches is preferred, this wrench will get you by most of the time.

Drill bits: Get a kit that contains different bit sizes and varieties for drilling through different materials.

Jig saw: This saw is easy to use and can perform a wide variety of cutting jobs. Orbital varieties are also available.

Clamps (pair): A set of bar clamps is always useful for holding things together while they are glued or fastened.

Paint brush/roller kit: A good quality brush and roller are easier to clean and hold up longer than cheap varieties. You save in the long run. Consider an extension pole, too.